Milk Made Easter Platters
Milk Made will be accepting Easter Platters orders until Thursday, April 6th. Platter pick up will occur on Saturday, April 8th from 10:00am-12:00pm at Square One Kitchens, 1407 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND. We will be closed Sunday, April 9th-Monday April 10th to spend time with friends and family.
We require 48 hours notices on all orders at this time.

You are figgen awesome!

We love, love using Milk Made Catering and we'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great cheese platter for home or within your business!
I've used Milk Made Catering a few times for both business and personal use. The cheese platters this company produces are incredible. Not only is each one different and put together by hand but they feature products my guests and clients always rave about and ask for more.
What a way to raise the bar at events!
Not only are Milk Made's platters fresh, unique and delicious, they're a work of art.
We got the date night today, seriously so good. I can’t wait to have more!!
I got the Valentine's date night platter and we were both SO impressed.
The cheese platter itself was phenomenal, but the extra touches of the cards and the CHEESECAKE put it over the top. thank you!
I got a cheese platter for Thanksgiving and it was amazing!
Not only are they so beautifully put together but the meats, cheese and other fixings were so fresh and full of flavor. Such a great option for family gatherings. Highly recommend Milk Made!
Amazing presentation, fantastic meats, cheeses and pairing recommendations
The cherry on top is Megan is wonderful to work with, passionate & wicked knowledgeable about her products. A true treat!!
Love, love, love all things Milk Made!
Beautiful creations and lovely pairings. anything from the date night collaborations with a local brewery to the grazing tables, you can trust it will be an incredible experience!
Plaines Art Museum spread was outstandingly delicious and lovely!
Simply amazing.
I picked up the May Day cheese tray today and it was beautiful to look at...but it tasted even better. Thank You!
Milk Made did the appetizer table at our wedding and it was amazing!!
It was presented so beautifully and tasted so great!! Our guests loved it! I recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!
Milk Made takes our cheese, and many others, to the next level.
Fargo and surrounding areas are lucky to have Milk Made - this is a type of business that could be replicated across the country, but it takes the passion, knowledge and skill to put it together. Thanks for all you do with and for us!
Lucas Sjostrom - Redhead Creamery
Megan is awesome - creative, fun, and her cheeses are to die for!
The FM area is so lucky to have her introducing us to amazing cheeses!
Milk Made is the way to go!
Megan is so kind and passionate about her work, and it truly shows with the beautiful and delicious platters she creates. We have used her platters for many events, and each time people are so impressed with the presentation and quality.
Megan is not only knowledgeable, but has such a fantastic way of presenting, explaining, educating and honestly entertaining!
Love her AND her beautiful edible art!
Amazing! Delicious! 5 ***** all the way!
The balance of the cheeses + other garnishes was incredible!
We LOVED the spreads and it was arranged BEAUTIFULLY.
We will DEFINITELY be using Milk Made again and again for our future get togethers!
Our salon had a cheese plate made for our VIP night and it was AMAZING! Our 15-20 person tray was beautifully put together with a variety of candied nuts, cheeses, meats, fruits, and tomatoes. We also ordered the cracker and bread plate to go along with it.
Ordered a platter for a work holiday party and everyone loved it!
Such a work of art and great taste pairings!
Valentine's Day platter was simply amazing! Can't wait for more.
Phenominal. Food was beautifully presented and the myriad items were bold in flavor.
My friends were thoroughly impressed; we are all still talking about how good it was several hours after we gobbled it all up! Megan was also nice enough to deliver it straight to my home. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the FM area looking for a special way to treat their guests. We will definitely be getting Milk Made again in the future.
Beautiful presentation, excellent value.
Every component was delicious and complimented the others well. Definitely an experience I look forward to repeating. We also enjoyed the bread tray (the crackers were my favorite!)
A friend brought me a mini platter and it was fantastic!
Definitely turned me into an instant fan!
My new favorite Cheese Monger!
We ordered the Valentine’s Day date night plate and everything on it was incredible.
I love this woman's work and her cheese plates have changed my LIFE!
This is the first time I have heard about Milk Made cheese. One of our clients gifted us a beautiful cheese * cracker/ bread tray from here - and it was AMAZING! I'm fairly confident I want a cheese tray from Milk Made for my birthday! Awesome fruit choices too!!
Unmistakable Presentation.
The first time I saw these trays, I wanted to know who did them. More importantly Megan is a beautiful person!
Top notch cheese and meat presented beautifully what is not to love! New Christmas tradition for sure.
I took the cheese platter 101 class, it was excellent.
Very informational & delicious! I am looking forward to attending more classes and eating more cheese!
It was the perfect amount and variety of food for the group that I was hosting.
It looked gorgeous and tasted delicious. Very easy ordering process and I loved the delivery option. Thanks again!
My husband and I enjoyed our first Milk Made cheese plate.
It was honestly delicious. I have never been a goat cheese fan, but I have got to say, I was fighting my husband over it...it was delicious! The whole plate was wonderful and the limoncello almonds were amazing!!!
We have had some great food, family time and giggles.
We have done two Friday night events during social distancing and it has been awesome! Gives the family something to look forward to.
Megan is the best.
Not only is she so kind, but the food is always beautifully presented and amazing! I would for sure recommend it to anyone in the FM area!