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Fargo, ND

Square One Kitchens 

1407 1st Ave N

Fargo, ND


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Megan Lewis-Cheesemonger

When Megan graduated from culinary school in 2010 she wasn't quite sure where her food journey would take her.  After a stint in catering she left the culinary world for a new adventure.  Fast forward to when she launched a cheese program at a local boutique.   having always loved cheese, she finally felt like her education and real-life met and fell in love.  When given the opportunity to create a cheese platter, she was hooked.  Hence milk made, a beautiful combination of cheese, food styling, and people. 

Megan lives in Fargo, ND with her cheese loving husband, two beautiful little girls, and her corgi,  Butters. She is thrilled that her life revolves around cheese, family, and love.