Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum an order?
All regular size platter options are ala cart and have no minimum. 
Mini Platters: Minimum of 10 platters.
Cute-erie Cones: Minimum of 10.
Grazing Tables: Minimum of 20 guests.
How long will my platter last after I pick it up?
Milk Made platters typically last 24-36 hours after pick up or delivery. Please note that it is recommended to enjoy your platter within this time period for optimum freshness.
Do you deliver?
Yes! We deliver within the city limits of Fargo and Moorhead for a $15 delivery fee. If we are traveling outside of city limits, we charge the federal mileage rate for the round trip.
Do you cater private events or weddings? How about business meetings or large events?
Yes! We cater to a multitude of different events. Please reach out and let us help you plan the perfect spread.
Do I need to return my platter trays?
No, but please feel free to reuse them or recycle them.
Can I request specific cheeses or products?
All platters are cheesemonger’s choice, meaning they are specially curated for you and your guests based upon what is in season, and what cheeses pair beautifully at the time. That being said, please let us know if you have any allergies or preferences, we will try our best to accommodate them.
I have allergies or food sensitivities; can I still order?
Yes! Please make us aware at the time of ordering.  Please note that Milk Made does operate out of a shared kitchen space. Although we take good care to ensure cross contamination, we can never guarantee that these items have not been used in the same space that we prep in daily.
Do you have a storefront I can shop in person?
Our products are sold exclusively online on this website. If you experience difficulty in proceeding with a purchase or you have questions about our products, you can contact us using the contact form found in the contact us page. We will answer your query within a few hours.
What if I’m vegan or vegetarian?
We are happy to make any item vegetarian.  We will replace any of the typical meat options with extra cheese, fruits, or pickled items depending upon the platter. We do offer a vegan option with our Perfect Pair (fruit and crudités). Please inquire with further questions.
Will my order include napkins and cutlery?
Due to the drop and go style of catering, Milk Made typically does not include plates, napkins or silverware with deliveries or pick-ups. For an additional fee, we are happy to provide them. We do provide these items for Grazing Tables as they are included in our set up fee.
How much notice do you need to create a platter?
Milk Made requires AT LEAST 48 hours’ notice to create a platter.  Please reach out if you are in need of a platter sooner, we can see if we are able to create something if the time allows.