Why Cheese?

Three years ago, when I started Milk Made, the one question I would be asked all the time is why cheese?

Honestly, I was not 100% certain at the time.  Like many folks in the cheese industry, I didn’t find cheese, cheese found me.  Once I was around the fromage on a daily basis I was hooked. I loved the history, the nuance, and of course, the taste. After a lot of self-reflection, I realized I was obsessed with cheese from a very young age. I’d Like to share a story:

When I was little, my parents owned a small-town hardware store. I was hungry for a little snack, and rather than stealing a candy bar like most of the youth may age, I was caught stealing a beef and cheese stick from the rack near the cash register. I learned my lesson, and looking back, I was showing signs of my love of dairy products in the years to come.

Cheese is so fascinating!

Being made of up Milk, Salt, Rennet, and Cultures that are aged in a unique fashion create thousands of exciting options that we can choose from. I have had the privilege of meeting many Cheesemakers who are masters of their craft. I think back to those meetings and I realize how important my job of a Cheesemonger is.  You see I am a story teller. I get to share the care, love, ingredients and passion with you!

I remember the first time I arranged cheese on a platter.  It was like a scene in a movie, it just hit me.  I was craving to be artistic, and cheese was the perfect medium. See I grew up around artistic people! My mom is a very talented quilter.  Both of my Grandmothers were and are very talented in the Kitchen.  Grandma Mary hand paints China.  My Dad and Grandfather are master woodworkers. Art in is my veins. The day I made a platter, my love of cheese and food styling collided, and Milk Made was born.

I aspire for this journal to be everything I dreamed Milk Made to be: unique, funny, bold, and tasty. I look forward to spreading the word of the curd to the masses!

Peace, Love and Cheese,