What’s in a cheesemonger’s fridge?

One of my favorite questions I often get asked at classes is what is in YOUR fridge?

While I would like to say I only have the fanciest and most expensive artisan cheeses, that isn’t completely true. See I believe that most cheeses serve a purpose, and I try not to discriminate against fromage.

I grew up in a very small, rural North Dakota town where our cheese selection included most block verities from Kraft, and Cloverdale summer sausage. I will honestly attest that these items still bring me much joy and comfort as I remember my youth. They often grace my fridge shelves for tailgating and feeding my little ones for a quick snack. I grew up with spray cheese on Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and Queso made with Velveta and Rotel Tomatoes. Who am I to say that these items aren’t delicious and you can’t have them if you TRULY love cheese.

Now, I can say that my tastes have gotten more expensive, and I do enjoy stocking my home with cheeses that we use all the time as a family. Here are some of our favorites:

Fresh goat’s milk Chevre

Our favorites are LaClare farm’s Everything Bagel or Garlic and Herb.

Sharp Cheddar

My oldest will tell you her favorite cheese is a white, sharp cheddar cheese. We love Prairie Breeze by Milton Creamery in Iowa, or Vat 17 by Deer Creek in Wisconsin.

Fresh Mozzarella or Feta

As a working mom with a young family, I love easy meals that come together quickly.  Keeping fresh cheeses like this add great flavor to salads, pasta dishes, or pizza. All items my children will typically eat without whining (okay, maybe not the salad!).

Queso Fresco

I will admit that I would eat Mexican food EVERY DAY and never get sick of it. My favorite is Cannonbelle’s Cheese fresh Queso Fresco. It is bright, melts beautifully, and pairs so well with every taco or nacho plate I make.

Pimento Cheese

What is pimento? It is a southern delicacy that combines cheese, mayonnaise, and pimento peppers combined into a delicious spread. We use it FOR EVERYTHING included sandwiches, on crackers, or on a spoon. I recommend trying Redhead Creamery’s version, or the rockstar version from Sweet Grass Dairy in Georgia.

A Nutty, hard cheese

My husband tends to love these options! He loves a late-night cheese plate more than anyone I know. You can find him enjoying Jeff’s Select Gouda from Caves of Faribault in Minnesota, or Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Upland’s Creamery in Wisconsin.

So, there you have it, a very brief and intimate look into my fridge at home. Of course, we still have the basics, shredded cheeses and string cheese for my littles. I would encourage you to broaden your choices (and your fridge space) for some new and exciting cheesy offerings. Look at the items you use on a regular basis, and try find a cheese that could elevate your daily cooking. Cheese isn’t meant to be intimidating, it is made my artisan producers that want you to take that product and use it in your everyday life. So please don’t wait to use the special cheese in your fridge, embrace it and melt it into your daily, cheesy life.

Peace, love, and cheese-


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