Nice to meat you

Megan created Milk Made.

But also a family & life full of love and joy: the good she believes in, and the community we all need.

The love, joy and commitment, Megan brings to business carries into her personal life. Alongside husband, Derrick, and their two daughters, you'll find the Lewis family on adventures of their own. Of course, true to the brand, you’ll find their Corgi, Butters, along for the ride!

Megan believes in feeding people: whether that is finding delight in artisan cheese or helping those who may struggle feeding their family, her involvement with the Growing Together Community Garden’s provides the tangible experiences of growing food and feeding the community. Through Heart & Soul community cafe, you’ll find Megan bringing her culinary skills to the kitchen.

That's why you'll find a cheesy man in a bowtie and monocle adorned salami hanging out with an olive with pimento baseball cap. You’ll find that Megan brings her whole self to Milk Made. She lives the brand, knowing this world is full of incredible product from artisan producers. Bringing that cheese to you is her craft.

Looking back at what brought Megan to the creation of Milk Made, it's clear she wasn't trying to find her place in the culinary world, she was taking her steps to make Milk Made a reality.

Milk Made is a culmination of natural business savvy, artistic instincts, and a professional culinary education.

Glory Ames: Apprentice
Glory has been with Milk Made since the first platter and considers herself a Mini Milk Made. With a bachelor’s degree in both Sustainability and Cultural Anthropology, Glory has a passion for sustainable agriculture and learning about other cultures through their foods. With an intense love for cooking, she has found a gateway into the food world through cheese. With her creative mind and feisty spirit, she is the perfect member of the Milk Made team. When she isn’t cutting cheese, you can find Glory reading, watching cartoons, or with her beautiful Corgi son, George.