The Producers

At milk made we believe in supporting the artisan producer.  We believe in having a personal relationship with the maker, to ensure we can educate, create, and tell the story.  The person who makes the cheese you love, the charcuterie you savor, and the sides that complete the dish all have a deep passion and love for the product they produce.  We believe in taking that product, showcasing it in the best way possible, and telling people the story.  Connecting the consumer to the producer only helps with sustaining local businesses and sustainable food practices.  We at milk made take pride in knowing and appreciating the makers of the product we so proudly work with. 

The Product

Stand by

We choose the ingredients for our platters and grazing tables with great care.  We support locally made products and producers that take great care in producing a delicious end product.  

We hand select the cheese, charcuterie, fresh and dried fruit, preserves, and sides with a careful hand  ensuring a satisfying end product. Using seasonal products guarantees the freshest platters.  Come and taste the difference.  

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The Platter


Our platters are artistic and beautiful.  We take a creative approach to the design and display. Our hope is that our platters will invoke a great conversation.  About what? that is up to you!  Whether it is about the product, the design, or causes you to take a moment to appreciate the food that you are enjoying, we just hope it causes you to slow down and take time to enjoy life.  Seem a little deep?  maybe, but we think that food should sustain you emotionally and physically and we believe that cheese is the perfect vehicle to do it. Interested in enjoying a platter of your own?  Reach out, we want to grow mold with you!

Milk Made Easter Platters