Milk Made Christmas Platters
Christmas Platter PICK UP  will take place on Friday 12/22 from 1-6pm, Saturday 12/23 from 1-6pm, and Sunday 12/24 from 10-1pm at our new location!  We are now located at 612 23rd St S, Fargo.

Orders will be accepted until Wednesday, 12/20 at 9:00pm. Limited quantities are available, so don't delay.
Due to the increase of platters sales at this time, all non-holiday orders require 72 hours notice. Thank you!
PLEASE NOTE: Milk Made requires 48 hours noticed on all catering orders at this time. 

Cheese, Creatively Done.

12 Days of Cheesemas Advent Calendar

I want To Grow Mold with You!

The Centerpiece

Fresh & Cheesy

The Conversation Starter

What’s cheesier than Milk Made?

The Main Event

Edible Centerpieces

Savor the vast possibilities of Cheese

entertaining is overwhelming.
At Milk Made we take the hassle out of creating beautiful food, so your guests can leave feeling like they truly experienced something special. 
Whether your event is large or small, we come alongside you to help you build a spread to suit your needs. 
With platters, grazing tables, cheese (wheel) cakes, and more, we have turned the science of food into an art.
Savoring the art
Milk Made platters are purposefully artistic and approachable.
A great platter will charm the senses. Whether it’s the product, the design, or the experience, we simply hope you can pause to appreciate the love and skill that brought those things all together.
Stand by The Product
Each component of your Milk Made product has been selected with great care.
A focus on locally-made products and producers, as well as seasonal selection guarantees the freshest end-result for you.
Telling the producer’s story.
Each artisan food producer has passion.
Their story and love shines brightest when an artist like Megan can bring that spirit to you in a Milk Made product or experience. This connection to the producer builds a movement focused on promoting local businesses and sustainable food practices. Every producer can’t be at every event, but Megan can bring them to you through a carefully curated Milk Made experience.